Spilling the Tea

I literally have zero traditional hobbies. Zip, zilch, none.... But who gets to define traditional anyways! My hobbies are all business. Yes, you read that right. I LOVE all things business. I love being the Broker of a small Boutique Brokerage. I love being the owner of Business. And I love my latest addition to my business portfolio.... A Working Mom Podcast! Myself, and two of my dearest friends developed a podcast dedicated to the modern day working Mama. I am excited. I am proud. I would love for you to listen and become an engaging member of our community! 

I invite you to enjoy our introduction episode.

Episode 001: Spilling the Tea

In this episode, we SPILL THE TEA about the secret we’ve been keeping, why we started this podcast, and the community we hope to build around amazing working moms.

Welcome to B.A.D. Moms in Business. We are Bridgette, Amanda, and Danielle. We are a group of working moms wanting to help create a community for others like us.

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Let me tell you about the time I had my pride slapped right out of me!

Let me tell you about the time I had my pride slapped right out of me! I used to be an extremely prideful person. Today I would like to share two different stories of how two Army Wives shattered my stance on pride. I hope these stories encourage you to be a blessing, but also allow yourself to be blessed.
When I was a Military Wife, I put on the bravest and strongest exterior I could. No amount of training or deployment was going to shake or break me. I was Amanda Sharp and there was nothing I could not handle. While that may be true, it did not mean I had the supplies to handle every situation I would be thrown. One morning Owen woke up so very ill. Fever, vomiting, etc.... I was completely caught off guard. No crackers, no Ginger Ale (Texas did not have Vernors), not enough paper towels, not enough cleaner... You name it, I did not have it. How had I let this happen. And to make matters worse, Marcus was out of state so I could not just run out to grab the items I needed. I took to Facebook and asked for prayers. Within seconds, my sweet friend, Jennifer H, asked if I had everything I needed. I swallowed my pride and said no. In less than an hour, Jennifer had ran to the Commissary and delivered to my front porch everything I could have ever imagined needing. She needed no list, as a Mama herself, she instinctively knew exactly what I needed. What a blessing!
My dear friend Amanda P. and I were out shopping. We spent many precious days together while our husbands were gone keeping our Country safe. While shopping, I found the sweetest hand stitched kitchen cloths. A pure luxury, so I put them down. Amanda picked them up and said she was going to buy them for me. I argued that she could not do such a thing! We playfully bickered for what seemed like hours until she looked straight into my eyes and pleaded, "Amanda, let me bless you." Those words slapped the pride right out of me. I will post the picture of those sweet kitchen clothes in the comments. Those precious cloths bless me still.
Blessings come from individuals who feel called to bless. I encourage everyone to receive the blessings the are presented with. I also encourage everyone to be a blessing. Those blessings will feed a soul in the years to come.

Unofficial Memo: I Waved My White Flag

On March 13th, the last day of school, I waved my white flag. I could see the writing on the wall. I waved my flag not to represent my defeat, but to represent I understood what the upcoming weeks and months would bring. I knew our mental, physical, and financial health would all be tested. My focus.... Staying united....
As Mother and Wife, I made the announcement to my family that the upcoming weeks were NOT going to be fun. Money was going to get tight and the food options were going to be limited. So while the upcoming weeks would be anything but ideal, we all agreed we would not complain.
I see so many struggling during this time. I challenge everyone to manage their expectations of themselves and their family during this Quarantine. The past weeks and the weeks to come are going to continue to be exhausting and trying. I encourage everyone to wave their white flag. Not in defeat or surrender, but recognizing we are in a weak state. Giving yourself and your family grace during this time is not optional, it must be required.


No one told me this when I was going through my "transformation." My world was super murky and dark. I mourned losing the very things that I was so happy to have off my shoulders. I felt guilty moving on and becoming a person that others did not understand because of a new season they were no longer included in. Not because the door was not open for them to join, but because deep down, they were really not interested in being a part of my new season. It is funny how human nature almost cheers for someone to lose. Something I truly have never understood.

Why am I sharing this? Because I wish someone would have shared with me that the dark and murky times do not last forever. That sunshine will come and you will be so ridiculously proud of what you are about to do and become.
And for those of you that are going through your transformation while keeping a smile on your face like I did, I see you! Stay strong. The best is yet to come!