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Happy Easter!

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Easter Prayer

Father, If most of us were to be honest, we are feeling a bit beat up and broken down here on earth. So today, Easter Sunday, is a deep sigh of relief and infusion of hope for our weary souls. Lord, how can we ever begin to fathom the gift you gave to us in your Son Jesus Christ? Help us to feel the overwhelming weight of that gift and may we not just know it in our minds, but in the depth of our souls. Father, we come to you today and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness for any unbelief, doubt, or pride. Forgive us for any apathy, laziness, unforgiveness towards others and coldness of heart. And forgive us Lord for the days where we look at this world and our circumstances and we feel overcome with fear. Truly in our core Jesus, we know the Hope you have given to us, pardon us on the days we too easily forget. Please Lord, help us to take you at your word and not just on Easter Sunday, but every day. May we not be like Thomas and demand to see the holes in your hands and feet before we believe. May we trust you even when our eyes cannot see. You promised us in your word that the same power which rose your Son from the dead lives in us. May we walk boldly in that truth Father. Empower us to live as City on the Hills you place us upon and to carry your light and love with us wherever our feet may tread. Lord, we are asking you to resurrect anything in our lives which feels dead, barren, lifeless, or hopeless. Revive our faith, return to us the joy of our salvation, and renew our spirits making them steadfast. Heavenly Father, we cannot begin to say thank you enough for all you have given to us. May our lives and surrender to you be our offering. And may we offer our thanks not just with our words, but with our daily actions and willingness to die to ourselves and to live for you and you alone. May our lives bear your glory and may your kingdom be seen on this earth in such a way that others cannot help but take notice and ask, “Who is this Jesus you speak of?” Lord, we praise you and honor you today on this Resurrection Sunday and we ask all of this in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

I asked my friend Holly Haynes if she would bless my blog with an Easter Prayer. This my friends is what she delivers to me. I am in awe of her talent to articulate words of the heart. She is an amazing Faith Blogger, Jesus Lover, Story Teller, and Friend! Be blessed this Sunday and rejoice for He Has Risen!

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