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Let me tell you about the time I had my pride slapped right out of me!

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Motivational

Let me tell you about the time I had my pride slapped right out of me! I used to be an extremely prideful person. Today I would like to share two different stories of how two Army Wives shattered my stance on pride. I hope these stories encourage you to be a blessing, but also allow yourself to be blessed.
When I was a Military Wife, I put on the bravest and strongest exterior I could. No amount of training or deployment was going to shake or break me. I was Amanda Sharp and there was nothing I could not handle. While that may be true, it did not mean I had the supplies to handle every situation I would be thrown. One morning Owen woke up so very ill. Fever, vomiting, etc…. I was completely caught off guard. No crackers, no Ginger Ale (Texas did not have Vernors), not enough paper towels, not enough cleaner… You name it, I did not have it. How had I let this happen. And to make matters worse, Marcus was out of state so I could not just run out to grab the items I needed. I took to Facebook and asked for prayers. Within seconds, my sweet friend, Jennifer H, asked if I had everything I needed. I swallowed my pride and said no. In less than an hour, Jennifer had ran to the Commissary and delivered to my front porch everything I could have ever imagined needing. She needed no list, as a Mama herself, she instinctively knew exactly what I needed. What a blessing!
My dear friend Amanda P. and I were out shopping. We spent many precious days together while our husbands were gone keeping our Country safe. While shopping, I found the sweetest hand stitched kitchen cloths. A pure luxury, so I put them down. Amanda picked them up and said she was going to buy them for me. I argued that she could not do such a thing! We playfully bickered for what seemed like hours until she looked straight into my eyes and pleaded, “Amanda, let me bless you.” Those words slapped the pride right out of me. I will post the picture of those sweet kitchen clothes in the comments. Those precious cloths bless me still.
Blessings come from individuals who feel called to bless. I encourage everyone to receive the blessings the are presented with. I also encourage everyone to be a blessing. Those blessings will feed a soul in the years to come.


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