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Origami Memories

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Enjoyment, Motivational, Uncategorized, Working Mom

My sweet real estate office has sat empty of life for well over a year now. Restrictions prevented us from being able to fully utilize the space. The restrictions were recently lifted. Praise the Lord! I excitedly went to the office to “work legally!” There was no doubt the space felt lonely and depressed. The four walls that surrounded me seemed to whisper, “Welcome Home.” A phrase that I so often say to my clients… Instinctively, I started loving on the space that surrounded me. I dusted, vacuumed, and pitched sooooo much. Did you know dust can accumulate on a toilet? Now you know.

As I continued to clean, I stumbled across a canister of origami swans. Oh the sweet memories and thoughts that came to my mind from those folded pieces of paper. My son Owen has worked out of my real estate office almost as often as I have. Owen would come to my office after school for various different reasons. Each trip for the better part of a year he would bring a folded treasure that he created while being bored in school and would deposit it into this canister. The papers of choice range from school certificates/awards to old graded papers. I know you might find it odd he would use an award as the base of his creation, but that just Owen. I love his uniqueness. He is a uniquely perfect.

I am grateful that my office is open again. I am grateful that I can breathe life back into a space that sat lifeless for over a year. I am grateful for origami memories that make me smile of time that has come and gone, but also smile at the memories that are yet to come.


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