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Renewed Woman’s Conference

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Motivational

Why do I love being the one who gets to be on the stage??? Let me explain. When using my “gift of gab,” I get the the best seat in the house. I get to look out and see the precious women in the crowd. I get to look out and see the laughter, smiles, tears, and how they sit higher and higher as the become renewed. My heart is so full from yesterdays Renewed Women’s Conference. I am humbled by the opportunity that was given to me to serve the ladies that attended.
Holly Haynes, your message was beautiful and I am so glad you felt convicted to host your first (many more to come) conference! You blessed so many women!
Katie Reid, all of the women loved your message. We can all relate to Martha. You made me look at Martha and Mary’s story with such a different perspective. I loved it! Thank you for loving and believing in my sweet friend, Holly, as much as I do. ?
An event like this can not happen without all of the volunteers. Thank you, thank you!
Chad Haynes (Holly’s Hubby), you are amazing!
A big thank you to all of the women who attended. Thank you for allowing us to love on you!
I always love watching Holly put her hand on her heart when she speaks ? It means she is taking responsibility for something or she is talking about the Lord! Both are so special! ?
Katie Reid, Author of:

Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done

I hope this photo shows just how much Holly and I adore each other! I thank the Lord for our friendship!
 And that’s a wrap! 


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