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Roseanne Reboot | Winner

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Enjoyment, Product Reviews | 10 comments

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Where to begin without this blog post being a spoiler for those who recorded the reboot…. WELL, I can safely start by saying, the reboot of Roseanne was a winner in my book. I grew up watching the original series. I loved it then and I still love it now! Nostalgia guaranteed my viewership. I had a great desire to catch up with the characters that I loved so dearly 20 years ago. Even Becky, who’s character quite frankly drives me CRAZY! Haha! The Connors were dysfunctional and had a way of making any family feel slightly, normal. 

I found it fascinating how political the first episode was. I did not remember the original series having any political jokes. With that being said, they hilariously hit the nail on the head about how divided our country has become about politics, even amongst family. At the end of the day, family is family, despite what political party you cheer for. I loved how dysfunctional the characters remained. Each struggling in their own unique way. Darlene was, Darlene. Dan, was Dan. Becky, of course was Becky, and so on…. Really, let’s be honest, we can all relate a little to these characters. 

In my opinion, I feel the reboot paved the way for some very interesting topics to be discussed in future episodes. One would assume, diversity, generational tolerance and growth, politics, family status, and many other taboo topics will be a part of future scripts. Sometimes humor is an easier way to scratch the service of such delicate topics. 

I am excited to fall in love with the new characters that were introduced and I am certainly looking  forward to more episodes. Did you tune in? How did you like the reboot? Comment below…. 

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  1. Marya

    I didn't watch Roseanne back in the days, and I am still yet to watch the reboot. I suppose I can totally put this on my weekend list. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Unknown

    I think it was such a cool idea that they did a reboot of Roseanne, I have not seen the reboot, but I will put it on my list of shows to watch!

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Amanda Sharp

    This show is extremely family friendly and very easy to binge watch. Let me know what you think after watching a few episodes. 🙂

  4. Amanda Sharp

    I think everyone was so surprised how good the reboot actually was. The ratings were excellent too. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I was surprised to hear they brought this show back and with the same cast too.

  6. Lucile Coo

    My mother and I did watch it and I liked it a lot. I liked how they brought back both of the actresses that played Becky. I grew up watching it as well and watch it on TVLand all the time.

  7. Lee

    I absolutely love Roseanne. I believe a lot of my sense of humor came from watching her lol. Can't wait for this reboot

  8. Amanda Sharp

    I can't believe so much of the original cast was able to do the reboot.

  9. Amanda Sharp

    That was one of my favorite things. I loved how they worked both Becky's into the script.

  10. Amanda Sharp

    For sure, I think many of us picked up a fun sense of humor because of Roseanne. 🙂

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