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Sometimes Backwards Is Better

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Motivational

It was a backwards kind of day. I spent most of the morning not realizing that I had my tank top underneath my cardigan on backwards. I definitely have some outfits that I have to really look at to figure out which side is the front. However, the referenced tank top is not like that. The front is clearly MUCH lower than the back. But you know what, wearing it backwards made it actually better. The higher neckline was much more appropriate for me. You know what, I wore it backwards ALL DAY LONG.

So it really got me thinking. So much in my life has consisted of me doing things backwards or opposite than what would be considered “the norm.” In doing so, I usually stumble upon something better than “the norm.” After all, why settle for normal. So friends, I encourage you to try something different, against the grain, or maybe even a little uncomfortable. The results might just be fabulous!


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