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Spending Time, To Save Time

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Motivational, Working Mom

This post will be short and sweet. A quick little reminder that will hopefully encourage you to “Spend Time, To Save Time!” 
I recently changed Real Estate Brokerages. Because of this change, I needed to swap out my for sale signs. Out with the old, in with the new. Because of the excitement of the new, I forgot some of my wisdom that came from the old. That wisdom being summed up into two words, Zip Ties! I live in Michigan.  What the “Pure Michigan” commercials do not show is the crazy weather this state brings. In one day we can experience all four seasons. The risk of all four seasons hitting in one day is the very reason zip ties are so important. 
When leaving the scene of my sign exchange, I knew better than to leave without installing zip ties. But my lack of planning, the lack of spending time, to save time resulted in me not having my beloved drill and zip ties on me. So as you can imagine, a mere few days later, I was doing the same job twice. But this time I was equipped with my drill and zip ties.
In conclusion: Take the time, to spend the time, to save time. 


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