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Today is the day I talk about me, FOR THEM

by | May 20, 2021 | Enjoyment, Mom Life, Motivational, Uncategorized, Working Mom | 0 comments

I currently have a German Shepard at my feet snoring so loudly that I can hardly gather my thoughts. I have a 14 year old upstairs who mostly comes down only for food and water. He is a private child… He takes after my husband. I have a fresh coffee stain on my carpeting that I am trying to ignore from attempting to capture the perfect photo for an upcoming blog. I know my husband will not even question why it is there. He is amazingly gifted at understanding it more than likely came from me and my daily “projects.” I am also fully aware of the empty laundry basket that sits on top of my coffee table. It has been there for three days. I have hidden it out of view for TWO Live videos and a Podcast Recording. I do have dinner in the crockpot. Will it be edible? Maybe, maybe not. I finally threw away two bananas that I have been saving to turn into banana bread. I should mention, I dislike banana bread. Today I googled “Do noses gain weight?” More on that topic to come. I love to use commas. I use them any chance I can get, even when more than likely, they are not needed. Please re-read the last sentence to fully understand my love for commas. Although I love storytelling, I am not a writer. I love verbal communication and I almost always have something to say. I believe “smart” should not be defined. I know everyone is genius in their own way. I didn’t until today, really talk a whole lot about “me.” I am wonderfully simple and yet so beautifully complicated. What a combination.

Today I talk about me, FOR THEM. Today I talk about me for the mamas. Today I talk about me for the women. Today I talk about me so YOU feel seen, heard, and not alone.

Today I talk about me, FOR THEM.


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