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Unofficial Memo: I Waved My White Flag

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Motivational

On March 13th, the last day of school, I waved my white flag. I could see the writing on the wall. I waved my flag not to represent my defeat, but to represent I understood what the upcoming weeks and months would bring. I knew our mental, physical, and financial health would all be tested. My focus…. Staying united….
As Mother and Wife, I made the announcement to my family that the upcoming weeks were NOT going to be fun. Money was going to get tight and the food options were going to be limited. So while the upcoming weeks would be anything but ideal, we all agreed we would not complain.
I see so many struggling during this time. I challenge everyone to manage their expectations of themselves and their family during this Quarantine. The past weeks and the weeks to come are going to continue to be exhausting and trying. I encourage everyone to wave their white flag. Not in defeat or surrender, but recognizing we are in a weak state. Giving yourself and your family grace during this time is not optional, it must be required.


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