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What nobody knew….

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Motivational

The other night I had a dream. Why is this significant? It is significant because I typically do not dream. Experts would disagree with me and say that everyone dreams frequently. That may be true, but I rarely remember my dreams as I awake from my slumber. What did I dream about you might ask? I dreamt I was in a grocery store and only about 40% of the people in the store had face masks on. I woke up from this dream extremely encourage! It re-energized my desire for normalcy. One thing I have stood firm on during this pandemic is I refuse to accept the statement, “this is the new norm.” Nothing about this pandemic has been normal and I will continue to crave the day we go back to what is actual normal. 

A year ago this week, we had the last normal week that we would be blessed to know for quite some time. The end of this pandemic has to be near. And based on my dream, my heart and mind crave it more than I could have ever imagined. Hang onto the dream of what is normal my friends. We have to be so close. 

Much Love to you all,

Amanda Ann Sharp


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